Tony Fadell: “Godfather of the iPod” Turning to Cleantech

Another high-powered techie has turned to the green side.

Tony Fadell, “The Godfather of the iPod,” to work with consumer greentech companies, The New York Times reports. 

Fadell told The Times’ Bits Blog:

My primary focus will be helping the environment by working with consumer green-tech companies. I’m determined to tell my kids and grandkids amazing stories beyond my iPod and iPhone ones.

The nexus between silicon valley techies and green tech has always been strong but recently the two industries seem to be sharing the same talent pool.

Just last week, Geoff Tate, formerly of AMD and Rambus, took the CEO spot at Nanosolar

Fadell was among the first to come up with the idea of a music player with a hard drive and he brought the idea to Real Networks before turning to Apple in 2001, The Times reports.

The rest is history.

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