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The Week in Green Energy: The end of Cap and Trade, For Now

It was a bad week for the renewable energy sector and the environmental community as a whole. For almost a year, since the House passed the historic American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), there was optimism that the senate would pass its own measure and finally bring forth the long-awaited comprehensive energy and climate change law. Yet, after months of negotiations, compromise and outreach the Senate Democratic leadership on Thursday afternoon decided not to push for legislation capping carbon emissions. They killed the Kerry – Lieberman American Power Act and its controversial cap-and-trade proposal.

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XL Hybrids Increases Series A Funding to $1.58M

XL Hybrids has increased its Series A funding to $1.58 million,bringing it $300,000 over the $1.2 million it had initially set out to raise as part of� this inaugural funding round. Investor name were not disclosed.

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