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Japan Takes On Ontario’s Green Energy Act

Let the trade jousts begin! On Monday Japan filed a complaint with the Geneva-based World Trade Organization (WTO) against Canada, arguing that Ontario’s very popular Green Energy Act, and in particular, its Domestic Content Requirement (DCR) unfairly favors local firms.

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The Week Green Energy: China’s Green Shadow

The U.S. may have lead the IT revolution but it’s clear China is intent on leading the green revolution. The contrast between the two countries is stark when it comes to green energy. While Congress dithered over the passage of a renewable energy / climate change this spring and summer, China invested $11.5 billion in…

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The Week In Green Energy: Scaling Back The Government Dollar

Money remains tight these days and so cuts are in order, even when it comes to supporting the establishment of a dominant renewable energy sector. The Obama administration and the Democratic-led Congress share a single, ambitious goal when it comes to renewable energy: Crudely speaking they want to beat China and win the global green…

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