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Exclusive: Exelon CEO John Rowe Slams Cap and Trade Alternative

Exelon Corp. Chief Executive�John Rowe on Saturday slammed an alternative to cap-and-trade now being considered by Congress and said the EPA’s plan to regulate carbon emissions is a nonstarter. Rowe, who runs one of the country’s largest utilities, said the so-called cap and dividend plan would “not work” and would act as “a halfway house…

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No Cap and Trade in 2010, Senate Dems Say

Cap and trade has no chance in 2010, Senate Democrats are saying.

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Coming Courtesy of Uncle Sam, a Carbon-Dividend Check [UPDATE 2]

UPDATE 2 | 6:07 PM: Tony Kreindler at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in Washington notes the legislation that ends up being debated on the Senate floor will have elements of the different bills now circulating: The Kerry – Lieberman – Graham framework; Senator Jeff Bingaman‘s (D-N.M.) proposal and now the Cantwell – Collins legislation….

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