23 September '10
9:47 AM UTC

1,000 MW of Solar Module Capacity Announced in Ontario So Far, and Here Are The Players

By Tyler Hamilton, clean energy columnist . Tyler also blogs at

Following the , I figured I would investigate who else plans to build (or has built) manufacturing facilities in Ontario to take advantage of the feed-in-tariff program and to comply with associated local content rules. In the previous post I mentioned module maker Solar Semiconductor, inverter makers Fronius and Enphase, and an alliance between Bosch Solar and Sustainable Energy Technologies. Here is a partial list of other plans that are in the works, some more advanced than others, and surprisingly they total more than 1,000 megawatts of annual capacity that, you can bet, will never fully materialize:

  1. ATS Automation did say it would bring some of its , and it has delivered. It started making product in May and has built a 100 megawatt line that will be officially announced in a few weeks. Read More »
7 April '10
9:58 AM UTC
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Schletter to Open Facility in Windsor, Ontario

Ontario wins again!

The CBC that Schletter Inc., which manufacures solar-panel mounting systems, announced today that it is opening an office in Windsor (which, incidentally, is south of Detroit). The move allows the German company to take advantage of Ontario’s feed-in tariff, which pays about 87 cents per kilowatt hour for solar power. Read More »