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Populism vs. Reform [VIDEO]

It is easy to spot the losers in the environmental catastrophe caused by the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil covered wildlife, out of work fishermen, and BP CEO Tony Hayward are all characterized by the same painfully bemused expression. While the Deepwater Horizon 100 yard stare is common to those bearing the brunt of the oil spill�s fallout, elected officials hoping to make political hay out of the disaster have a decidedly different look. They are full of measured outrage to be sure, but they are also characterized by the type of lean, hungry appearance that has, at least according to Shakespeare, been the hallmark of politicians since Roman times.

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The Week In Green Energy: The IPO Track

There are few things as exciting in the cleantech world as a juicy initial public offering (IPO), and this week has been full of news on that front.

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Too Good to Miss: Rep. Joe Barton Apologizes for “$20B Shakedown”

Rep. Joe Barton, R-Tex., apologizes to BP CEO Tony Hayward for the “$20 billion shakedown” by the White House to compensate Gulf spill victims.

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