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The Week in Green Energy: Let’s Get Integrated…

What’s the best way to sell high-performance solar-capture technology like solar photovoltaic panels? Buyout your customers, of course! Specifically, buy the project pipelines of cash-starved independent developers that in better economic times would be purchasing� your PV panels. That’s the strategy adopted for the past couple of years by some well-funded solar companies, including thin-film,…

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Norway’s Renewable Energy Corporation Teams-up With Summit Power

Norway-based Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) has teamed-up with Summit Power Group to develop utility-scale solar PV projects across the Western U.S.

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Should Google Build a Better Windmill or Build More of Them?

Google can double down on innovation or it can devote resources to proven technologies that will deliver real megawatts. It can’t do both effectively.

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