2 August '10
9:23 AM UTC
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The Alternative Agenda: Kill the well, kill the subsidies, kill coal

Kill that well!

BP is of the formerly gushing Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico.  The containment cap over the well has held but officials say it isn’t a long term solution.

Still, the job won’t be finished until the relief well is finished. Read More »

11 March '10
9:57 AM UTC
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Anton Milner: Q-Cells CEO Resigns, CFO Cen to Lead

Anton Milner: Out as Q-Cells CEO

Q-Cells SE Chief Executive Officer Anton Milner has resigned, effective immediately, from the German photovoltaic cells maker, according .

Chief Financial Officer Nedim Cen, who joined the company from the restructuring consultants Alvarez & Marshal on an interim basis in June 2009, will take over the CEO duties and hold both positions. Cen will remain with the Q-Cells while it restructures and Alvarez & Marshal will support him in the program, called Q-Cells Reloaded. Read More »

3 February '10
12:05 PM UTC
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Yingli Green Energy: Chinese Company Makes History with 2010 World Cup Sponsorship

When have you officially arrived as a green energy company? When you’ve installed your first gigawatt? That’s so old economy. It’s when you fork over ridiculous money to sponsor a sporting event.

Yingli Green Energy, a photovoltaic solar panel manufacturer, officially crossed the threshold this morning when in South Africa this June. The release from FIFA, the international soccer body, is . Read More »

17 December '09
1:27 PM UTC
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First Solar Projects $2.9B in Revenue in 2010, Ahead of Street Estimate

First Solar, the maker and installer of thin-film photovoltaic panels, says it expects to generate revenues ranging between $2.7 billion – $2.9 billion in 2010, which is ahead of analysts’ estimate of $2.4 billion. Read More »

16 November '09
2:13 PM UTC
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Sun Devils Welcome Suntech Update: Company Seeking Manufacturing Tax Credit

We reached out to Suntech Power’s spokeswoman after the announcement that the company plans to build a  plant that can produce 30 MW of capacity by late 2010 and learned that the company is, indeed, seeking stimulus funds.

Spokeswoman Sarahjane Sacchetti told us, via email, that the company would seek a 30 percent manufacturing tax credit available under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The company, as expected, is also working with the state of Arizona and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council on grants, property tax abatements, permit fee waivers and local tax reductions, Sacchetti writes.

The company will be funding the construction by itself but has not put a price on the project yet, since officials are still considering sites.

As for the timing of the announcement, Sacchetti added, Read More »

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