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November Top 10 Players in Green Energy

1: Dan Reicher, Stanford University What’s a top-notch energy thinker to do in a time when energy is a second-tier issue in Washington? Former Assistant Energy Secretary Dan Reicher is casting about for the answer to that question. In November, Reicher left his post as Google’s director of climate change and green energy initiatives to…

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The Alternative Agenda: Bloomberg Backs China; Ex-Im Closes Honduras Wind Financing; Siemens Predicts �40 Billion in Wind, Solar Revenues

Bloomberg Backs China Speaking in Hong Kong, New York� Mayor Michael Bloomberg strongly defended China’s generous government subsidies supporting its domestic solar and wind companies.� �It is very dangerous for us as a society � I�m speaking of America � to focus on blaming others, because what you do then is you don�t focus on…

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