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The Week in Green Energy: Liberal Win in Ontario Secures Green Energy Act

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Pattern and Samsung Grow Ontario Wind Portfolio

Pattern Energy Group and a unit of Samsung, the South Korean industrial conglomerate, have acquired a 180 megawatts Ontario wind project.

Ontario Conservatives Say Green Energy Act Is Not Sustainable

The Green Energy Act, Ontario’s famed package of green energy subsidies that’s helped attract billions of dollars in new, cleantech investments, is emerging as a wedge issue in the provincial election scheduled for the fall. The Province’s Liberal Conservatives, led by Tim Hudak, […]

The Week In Green Energy: Climate Change…, Please Stand By

No cap-and-trade in the Boehner House (and that's one thing he won't cry about!) After a two-week hiatus, G.E.R.’s The Week In Green Energy is back! And in Washington, after four years in the minority, Republicans are also back! Dark days for green […]

Details Emerge On GEs Ontario Solar Venture

Details have emerged on the GE-led acquisition of a 50-megawatt solar portfolio in Ontario from First Solar.

Exclusive: Canadian Energy Fund Close to Acquiring 10 MW Project

A recently-launched Toronto solar-focused fund is set to acquire a $50 million, 10-megawatt portfolio of roof-top solar projects in Ontario.

Cornerstone Conversation: Pearl Ing, Ontario Energy Ministry

Pearl Ing, the director of the Renewable Energy Facilitation Office for Ontario?s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, helped author the province’s famed Green Energy Act. Ing has detailed, inside knowledge of the legislation, which has attracted billions of dollars in new? green investments.? […]

Windsor the Capital of Rooftop Solar: Atlas Tube Announces 3.5 MW Installation

Windsor, Ontario, is fast becoming the capital of large-scale rooftop solar installations. Atlas Tube’s local operation is collaborating with OYA Solar to build a $20 million, 3.5-megawatt photovoltaic solar installation atop its roof, according to The Windsor Star. It will be the largest rooftop […]

1,000 MW of Solar Module Capacity Announced in Ontario So Far, and Here Are The Players

By Tyler Hamilton, clean energy columnist at the Toronto Star. Tyler also blogs at Following the manufacturing announcements from Siemens and Canadian Solar, I figured I would investigate who else plans to build (or has built) manufacturing facilities in Ontario to take […]

The Week In Green Energy: The Money Is In China

China: The Green Dragon China is the “it” place these days when it comes to everything green. The country is more and more looking like a leader of the global renewable energy sector and less like the emerging contender. The Chinese market has […]