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The Week in Green Energy: Solyndra Bankruptcy: An Opportunity to Change How We See Government Financing

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This Week in Green Energy: �America�s Economy Is at Stake!�

Energy Secretary Steven Chu, often described at the “smartest man in the room” in the Obama administration, urged Congress to pass a comprehensive climate and energy bill. Speaking this week at a conference at Stanford University, Chu warned that failure to seriously tackle climate change could limit the nation�s ability to be a leader in…

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Waxman – Markey set for full House vote; USDA steps in as environmental overseer

House Democrats reached a deal on the Waxman – Markey climate change and energy bill last night that will see the Agriculture Department (USDA) play a lead role in overseeing agriculture carbon offset programs. Since clearing the Energy and Commerce Committee, a little more than a month ago, Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), one of the…

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