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NRG Suspends Offshore Development

NRG Energy, blaming  a lack of federal subsidies and regulatory uncertainty, has stopped development work supporting its offshore wind projects, including a 200-megawatt initiative in Delaware.

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NRG Closes $967M Solar Loan Guarantee

The solar unit of NRG Energy has secured a crucial $967 million Department of Energy loan guarantee supporting the construction of one of the world’s largest solar photovoltaic power projects.

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Update: NRG Energy�s Bluewater Acquisition

NRG Energy and Bluewater Wind held a joint conference call yesterday in which Bluewater founder and President Peter Mandelstam and NRG’s Northeast Regional President Drew Murphy did not stray far from their talking points (they did not disclose the acquisition price of the all cash deal). However, the two did shed some light on NRG’s…

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