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The Week in Green Energy: Who Says There’s No Such a Thing as Bad Press

A natural gas power plant in eastern Michigan.

It will be interesting to see what gas enthusiasts and green energy investors make out of this week’s news that Cornell University professor Robert Howarth has written a peer reviewed paper that question’s gas’ environmentally friendly credentials. Howarth’s study suggests that the practice of fracking may be associated with more potent greenhouse gas emissions that oil or coal, putting a serious dent in gas’ reputation.

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Venezuelan Natural Gas Rig Sinks in Gulf: Maybe This Should Give Us Pause

Chavez: Don't worry about that sunken drilling rig!

We have drastically underestimated the costs of drilling, both in monetary and environmental terms, as two recent rig sinkings show.

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The Light Green Option: Energy Investors Funds To Build Gas/Solar Hybrid Power Plants

Energy Investors Funds has formed a joint venture with Saint Augustine, Fla., -based NTE Energy to build and operate hybrid power generation facilities in the U.S.The plants will use a combination of natural gas and renewable sources like solar or biomass.According to the joint release, the two companies are expected to announce projects in Florida,…

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T.Boone Ditches Wind Power Project; Says Natural Gas is Clean Energy of the Future [Video]

T. Boone Pickens, the oilman turned renewable energy apostle, has shelved plans to develop the world’s largest wind farm in North Texas to instead push for massive adoption of natural gas for transportation.

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Here Come the Lobbyists

The ranks of lobbyists from cleantech, green energy and investment firms have swelled in recent years, according to a report from The Center for Public Integrity.

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Exxon Mobil Confirms Dominance of Fossil Fuels with $31B XTO Acquisition

Today Exxon Mobil announced this year’s largest energy deal with its acquisition of XTO Energy, a domestic developer of natural gas, in an all-stock deal valued at $31 billion.Wit the acquisition Exxon bolsters its natural gas reserves and it also confirms the company’s belief that fossil fuels are set to dominate over the long-term.Exxon  (CEO…

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Exxon Energy Outlook Pumps Natural Gas, Wind

Exxon’s World Energy Outlook is out today. Better read it quick, because all of the projections could be wrong by the end of the Copenhagen climate summit.

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