30 March '10
2:42 PM UTC
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Tony Fadell: “Godfather of the iPod” Turning to Cleantech

Another high-powered techie has turned to the green side.

Tony Fadell, “The Godfather of the iPod,” to work with consumer greentech companies, The New York Times reports.  Read More »

22 March '10
2:25 PM UTC
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Geoff Tate to Take Reins at Nanosolar

The game of CEO musical chairs continued today as , formerly of AMD and Rambus, will take over the company from co-founder Martin Roscheisen. Nanosolar, which keeps costs low by printing its thin-film copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cells, offered no reason for Roscheisen’s departure.

The last few weeks have seen some sudden changes in solar companies’ executive suites, notably the departures of Solar Millennium’s Utz Claassen and Q-Cells’ Anton Milner. Read More »

26 October '09
11:26 AM UTC
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Peter Shannon of Atlas Venture Joins Firelake Capital’s Cleantech Group

Peter Shannon, a principal in the technology group of tech-focused VC fund Atlas Venture, has joined Palo Alto, Calif., -based Firelake Capital as a partner.

, reports that Shannon will relocate to the West Coast from Massachusetts, where Atlas is based, early next year. We reached out to Firelake co-founder Fred Kittler and will post with any new details. We’ve also emailed Atlas executives for confirmation of the move. As of this morning Shannon’s bio is still posted on the Atlas Website.

Atlas is mostly invested in technology and health care/ life sciences ventures. Firelake’s cleantech investments include stakes in thin-film PV and silicon-based solar panel developers Miasol, Advent Solar, and Nanosolar.

15 September '09
2:03 PM UTC

Low-cost PVs: Nanosolar Launches German Factory, Says its Production Cost is Lower than First Solar

The printable solar cell
The printable solar cell

Low-cost airlines, low-cost car rentals…and now, emerging: low-cost photovoltaic panels! First Solar produces its thin film PV panels for about $0.93 a Watt. San Jose, Calif.-based Nanosolar, which this week operations at its German panel factory (and earlier at its California facility) says it’s able to produce PV panels for even less.

Barclays Capital solar power analyst Vishal Shah wrote about the falling price of PV in a research note this summer.

The note said:

Solar thermal companies have dominated the utility solar landscape to date with several large project wins; however, with solar PV cost declining significantly, the advantage of solar PV technology over solar thermal…has recently increased.

Nanosolar, launched in 2002, has been able to cut costs by literally printing solar panels. Specifically, the company manufactures its thin-film copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS) solar cells by inserting the cell’s semiconducting materials and nanoparticles in a proprietary ink that it then presses on rolls of cheap aluminum foil. For more on the company’s production see company video. Read More »