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December Top 10 Players In Green Energy

1: BrightSource Energy Yes. We at Green Energy Reporter are unabashed BrightSource Energy fans. The news that the concentrated solar power (CSP) firm is eyeing a 2011 initial public offering only makes us love the company more because we want to see an unambiguous green energy success. There have been rumors for months that BrightSource…

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Khosla Raises $1bn for Clean tech funds; Bets Biofuel is a Winning Horse

It’s official: Khosla Ventures has closed two new funds with more than $1 billion in capital commitment. The Sand Hill Road VC has made a name for itself by investing in cutting edge biofuel startups with promising technologies that for the most part are years from going commercial. There had been rumors over the past…

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Khosla�s Clean Tech VC Fund Beats the Odds, Raises $1bn

This man likes biofuels A widely used catch phrase – or some variation of it – appearing in the media since the official start of the crisis this fall,� goes something like this: “the global economic crisis, has left the [add required sector, in our case clean tech] reeling, unable to tap crucial funding…. ”…

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