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The Alternative Agenda: Cancun Talks Plod Onward, Chinese Solar on a Hot Streak

Cancun talks, week 2: The Apocalypse Commentators are so pessimistic about the odds of success at the United Nations� Cancun climate change talks that they�ve been talking about failure in Mexico since Copenhagen failed. Now the Cancun talks have actually begun� it�s an apocalypse! Negotiators are now hoping for a two-year deadline for industrialized nations…

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In and around the green

Texas green energy to grow flush with fed cash (Postcards via the Austin American-Statesman) Q&A Ontario’s green energy plan (Green Inc. via The New York Times) Carbon capture won’t work until 2030, says energy boss (Guardian) Obama starts planning for carbon pricing (The Vine via FedEx CEO: Ending oil dependency will save money, fight…

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