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$1.4B Per Year in Government Cleantech/Green Energy Investment is Not Enough

Does the Kerry-Boxer climate change bill stifle innovation by underfunding cleantech? We’ve been on this horse for a while now, arguing that too few of the emissions allowances in both the Kerry-Boxer bill in senate and the Waxman-Markey measure in the house go […]

White House on Climate Change Legislation: Its The Economy, Stupid

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee begins hearings today on the the Kerry-Boxer climate change bill,  the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act. You might think that a bill devoted to mitigating the effects of global warming would inspire testimony about […]

Kerry-Boxer Still Shorts Cleantech and Green Energy

The Kerry-Boxer climate change bill is starting to look a lot like the Waxman-Markey bill that passed through the house this spring. Sen. Barbara Boxer introduced her chairman’s mark late Friday night with a list of the key changes from the house measure. […]

Are Emissions Allowances in Cap-and-Trade Bills Really So Bad?

Today, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee begins the real work on the Kerry-Boxer climate change bill: talking about how to allocate allowances for cap and trade. Actually, the bill calls it the “Pollution Reduction and Investment Program” but, you know, a rose by […]

Exxon Watch: Creating a Niche For Natural Gas in Kerry-Boxer?

As climate change legislation has gone from pie-in-the-sky improbability to a concrete measure that can attract Republican support, it’s instructive to watch Exxon adjust its approach. Sure, CEO Rex Tillerson is still an official carbon tax supporter, but it appears the company is […]

Confidence in Green Energy Growing Faster Than the Dow

The Dow Jones Industrial Average surged above the 10,000 mark yesterday as market confidence that an economic recovery is underway reached a new high. Of course, green energy companies have been feeling bullish for a while now, spurred on by $3 billion in […]

Shocker: T. Boone Pickens Is Acting In His Own Interest

Bloomberg has a2,800-word profile on the irrepresible T. Boone Pickens this morning that includes the unsurprising analysis that the Texas-oilman turned green-energy guru is acting partially out of self interest. He has a 33 percent interest in Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NAS:CLNE), which […]

Tillerson on cap and trade: volatile prices, too much complexity

Exxon Mobil Corp. Chairman and CEO Rex W. Tillerson gave a detailed critique of cap-and-trade on Thursday saying that the price volatility of the system will “carry a heavy cost for both the economy and the environment.” Speaking at the Economic Club of […]

Coming Courtesy of Uncle Sam, a Carbon-Dividend Check [UPDATE 2]

UPDATE 2 | 6:07 PM: Tony Kreindler at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in Washington notes the legislation that ends up being debated on the Senate floor will have elements of the different bills now circulating: The Kerry – Lieberman – Graham framework; […]

Obama to Attend Copenhagen Climate Change Talks

The last time he was in Copenhagen UPDATE: The White House has released an official statement on President Obama’s planned trip to speak at the United Nations climate talks in Copenhagen on Dec. 9. The statement reads, in part: …the President is prepared […]