6 May '10
2:00 PM UTC
Top Ten Players

April Top Ten Players In Green Energy

1: Cape Wind

The 420-megawatt Cape Wind project  is big, but the expectations for it are even bigger. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who just last week announced approval for the project amidst some stiff opposition, expects the Nantucket Sound wind farm to do no less than prove the viability of offshore wind in America. Much remains to be done before the first turbine blades start to spin – bank financing and power purchase agreements must be finalized and the project must be built on time and within budget. But Cape Wind has already done a lot. The project’s developers have endured nine years of attempts to regulate offshore sites that played like a bureaucratic version of “Who’s on first?” before finally arriving at guidelines that future developers can follow. More importantly, the Obama administration has decided that the need for renewable energy trumps environmental and cultural concerns that threaten to block large projects. It’s an imperfect solution, to be sure, but it does move green energy forward.

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26 April '10
11:54 AM UTC
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Climate Change Bill In Limbo Following White House Push For Immigration Reform

The bill is not dead but it’s in the ER, and on life-support. Today Senators John Kerry (D- Mass.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and lone Republican Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), were set to release their energy and climate change bill. A legislation that enjoys support from key industry leaders, environmental groups, and unlike other key Obama legislation had some aura of bi-partisanship.

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18 April '10
3:05 PM UTC
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The Week In Green Energy: Tracking The Green Dollar

Week of April 12 – to – April 16, 2010

This week, industry groups released . In 2009, U.S. solar capacity grew by 29 percent, according to the Solar Energy Industry Association. Wind, according to the American Wind Energy Association, was up by 40 percent. Geothermal capacity increased by a more modest six percent for the year, said the Geothermal Energy Association.

Those positive numbers were largely expected considering the unprecedented stimulus money that flowed into the sector since the Obama administration took over more than a year ago.  Wind and solar developers (and project finance banks) have flocked to programs like the 1603 direct cash-grants, implemented in lieu of the investment tax credits. Indeed, with bank credit committees more selective these days, having government dollars helps.

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16 April '10
3:40 PM UTC
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The Case For Extending The Clean Energy Tax Manufacturing Credit

(#8 in our December Top Ten Ranking and #7 in the November ranking)  was on Capitol Hill Tuesday testifying before the House Ways and Means Committee on how to use energy tax incentives to establish a U.S. green economy. His comprehensive testimony calls for an extension of ongoing stimulus-funded measures, including the very popular 1603 direct cash grants.  We’ve read through Romm’s testimony and pulled out the portion in which he calls for a long-term clean energy tax manufacturing tax credit, which he says should be expanded for at least another five – to – 10 years.

– by Joseph Romm, Center for American Progress

One of the most critical things we can do to foster domestic clean energy industries in this country is realize that demand-side incentives for electricity production is not enough. While incentives that target utilities to encourage them to invest in clean energy infrastructure are an essential component of a comprehensive strategy, they are not enough. You cannot build a market out of demand alone, you must also create incentives for supply. That is why Congress was wise to implement the Section 48C Manufacturing Tax Credits for investments in manufacturing facilities and production capacity for the clean energy equipment and technology.

However, the program, passed under the Recovery Act, was limited to $2.3 billion, and was oversubscribed by nearly a 10-1 ratio. My colleagues at the Center for American Progress have advocated for an expansion of the program, and Vice President Biden in December 2009 announced the administration’s plans to add an additional $5 billion to the program, leveraging an additional $15 billion in private capital.

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29 December '09
9:56 AM UTC
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Cornerstone Conversation

Listomania: Our take on the year-end lists

lisztomania-yuksek-remixIn the spirit of meta-blogging, we offer this morning a list of some of the lists on green energy Web sites that we read. Some of the lists are forward looking – i.e. here’s what’s going to happen in 2010 – and some look back at the biggest stories of 2009 or, in a silly but traffic-getting conceit, the whole decade.

The lists follow after the jump.
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