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Reid Sees Window of Opportunity For Energy Bill After Mid-Terms

Is Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.) an avid poll watcher? Of course! The Majority Leader, like many in his party, knows they’re likely to experience some steep losses in the upcoming midterms. The worst- case scenario: Democrats lose their majorities, gained just four years ago, both in the House and Senate. But Reid is undeterred by…

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Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act Released, Will It Pass?

Had it all gone according to plan it should have read the “Kerry-Lieberman-Graham American Power act.” But (for now)�Senator Graham (R-S.C.) will not attach his name to what could become a historic law. Nearly a year after a slim majority passed the House, American Energy and Security Act, the Senate will try to pass its…

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The Week In Green Energy: Google Wind

May 3 – to – May 7, 2010    Cleantech developers! Are you scrambling for financing? Is your project backed by a PPA? Has it secured regulatory approval but is not making it past bank credit committees? Call Google. Yes, the search engine giant, is now directly investing in renewable energy projects. A little less…

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