11 June '10
9:36 AM UTC
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American Energy Innovation Council: Triple R&D Spending, Create Energy Strategy Board

The United States should triple clean energy R&D to $16 billion a year, a council composed of General Electric’s Jeffrey Immelt, Bill Gates and John Doerr and others, has recommended.

The also recommended that government fund the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) at $1 billion a year to focus on high-risk, high-payoff strategies and that lawmakers create an independent national Energy Strategy Board.

The council’s report, titled “A Business Plan for America’s Energy Future,” calls for energy innovation to start today: Read More »

9 December '09
11:29 AM UTC
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GE’s Jeff Immelt: Climate Change Law Key to Winning Renewable Energy Race


GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt

General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt has warned that without a climate change and energy law the U.S. could loose the clean energy race against China, “we would rather see the U.S. be a big player than to see them overseas,” he said, according .

On the China – U.S. clean energy race Immelt told attendees at an industry meeting at Clemson University:

The Chinese will build more nuclear plants than we will this year. The Chinese will install more wind energy than we will this year. Europe is moving ahead on renewable energy,” he said. “If we don’t get off our butts and move aggressively forward, the world is not going to wait for us.

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9 February '09
7:59 PM UTC
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GE’s Immelt on cap-and-trade

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GER found recent interview of GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt by Alan Murray of  the Wall Street Journal

With a cap-and-trade legislation likely  to Congress in a few weeks, Immelt points out that a carbon reduction legislation already exists, at least  in spirit.

He explains: “The last 47 coal plants have not been permitted in this country and when the last 47 coal plants haven’t been permitted you have a carbon policy.”