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Exclusive: Australian Biofuel Co. To Begin Supplying U.S. Refiner

Mission NewEnergy, the Perth-based maker of jatropha and palm oil-based biofuels, anticipates to start supplying about 1.5 million barrels annually to Valero over the next few months, a little less than two years after the contract was initially announced.

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BP’s million dollar biofuel gamble goes south

Finding the right feedstock remains a challenge for biofuel developers and investors. A couple of years ago, pressed by ongoing high oil prices, Wall Street poured billions of dollars into corn-sugar ethanol, eager to turn America’s heartland into the Saudi Arabia of carbon-free fuels. As it turns out, ethanol was neither cheap to make nor…

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In and around the green

IMPLAN does climate change [Environmental Economics] The Story of Grid Net: How Ray Bell Is Betting WiMAX Can Fix the Grid [Earth2Tech] Skyline Solar officially emerges from stealth [Green Light] Hailed as a miracle biofuel, jatropha falls short of hype [Yale Environment 360] Intel to host smart-grid standards confab [Green Tech] Critics say UK carbon…

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