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The Week In Green Energy: Green’s Back But Still Under Attack

Obama is pushing for a  green agenda (again).

Following a series of symbolic votes by the newly reenergized Republican Party, including one to repeal the health care law, this week saw a GOP-led effort to roll back the Environmental Protection Agency’s ambitious green agenda. Three Republicans — Senator James Inhofe (R-Ok.), Representatives Fred Upton (D-Mich.) and Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.) released the latest legislation…

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Copenhagen is Like A Bad Relationship…

The Copenhagen climate talks are like a bad relationship. First, it�s all euphoria then it�s all, �oh God, she hates me.�

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Jon Stewart on Inhofe and Climategate

Jon Stewart bemoans the idiocy of the Climate Research Unit scientists, whose nasty emails and sloppy record keeping have set back public perception of global warming years. Stewart calls the leaked emails “catnip” to skeptics like Inhofe.

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UPDATE: Boxer Holds Vote Without Republicans, Inhofe Responds

Does the senate have any hope of passing a climate change bill before the Copenhagen talks on Dec. 7?

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GOP to Boycott Senate Climate Change Bill

Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee are not planing to participate in the markup of the Kerry – Boxer climate change bill, which Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) had scheduled for Tuesday. Will this block the legislation?�Senate rule requires that at least two Republicans participate in the markup session, reports CQ Politics….

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