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The Alternative Agenda: BP, Exxon, Italian Solar and Solar By The Bay

BP Oil Spill: Progress In The Gulf All eyes will be on the Gulf this week, closely following BP’s latest attempt to squash the massive spill. The British oil company announced over the weekend that it would be installing a tighter cap over its busted well, which if successful, could finally capture all of the…

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Desertec Set to Add Five New Partners

So far it remains an initiative that’s yet to graduate to full blown project status. However, even in these early days Desertec,� formerly known as the Desertec Industrial Initiative (DII), knows a good PR yarn.

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Solar Panel Maker Solyndra Scores $105M Deal with Italian Company

Solyndra, the California maker of thin-film photovoltaic cells (PV), has signed a supply agreement with Italian installer Sun System. Solyndra could make $105 million over the next few years from this deal, the company said in a statement. Milan-based Sun System plans to install Solyndra’s solar cells, which Solyndra will manufacture at its Fremont and…

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