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The Week in Green Energy: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Despite some serious cuts already implemented by California Governor Jerry Brown, the state is facing a deficit of over $15 billion. Republicans in the state legislature are blocking any tax hikes, meaning that the governor can either balance the budget by making deep cuts across the board or asking the voters to raise taxes through a ballot initiative. An all cuts budget could be disastrous for state-mandated green energy incentives. Though modest compared to federal help, California still provides essential tax breaks and other assistance to companies producing renewable energy.

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January Top 10 Players In Green Energy


1: The Obama State Of The Union

There is nothing like an inspirational State of the Union address to remind us that the presidency is, among other things, a bully pulpit. So when Barack Obama used his State of the Union speech in January to call for massive federal investment in green energy research and development, he instantly thrust green power into the national spotlight. Of course, the president and his republican opponents disagree on whether the increased level of spending on green energy is an investment in the country’s future or yet another example of government excess the country can ill afford, but Obama gets points for laying out a vision. He may win some political points as well if he can paint himself as shepherding the U.S. towards a cleaner, greener, and more energy secure future while simultaneously painting republicans as dour green power cynics.

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