26 July '10
9:27 AM UTC
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Smartgrid Developer SynapSense Raises $5M From GE and Current Investors

Folsom, Calif.,-based SynapSense, a developer of wireless energy efficiency solutions that cuts power costs of data centers, has raised $5 million in a new financing round. GE’s energy financing unit, GE Energy Financial Services, stepped in as a first-time investor. Read More »

15 April '10
7:35 AM UTC
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Top Ten Players

March Top Ten Players In Green Energy

Welcome to the March edition of G.E.R.’s Top Ten Players in Green Energy. This month Chevron and its pragmatic green strategy takes the lead. Our ranking looks back over the previous month and  takes into account a player’s ability to influence the cleantech industry, whether it be because of a forceful policy position, access to funding or a combination of the two.

1: Chevron

Over the last decade, some oil and gas majors jumped right into the green energy revolution, hoping to leverage their considerable cash and energy expertise into a profitable sideline in renewables. That tactic has not weathered the recession well, as BP has shown in the last year. Enter Chevron with a new approach. The California-based company has been easing into green energy with an eye towards making its core oil and gas business less energy intensive. In March, The company opened Project Brightfield, an 8-acre facility to test solar panels under different conditions and compare the performance against benchmark technologies. Chevron is also testing concentrating photovoltaic technology at a mine in New Mexico and solar steam technology in Central California. It’s not a strategy that’s going to save the world, but it is moving green energy forward.

2: Steven Chu, Energy Secretary

Every day, there is one thing you can be sure Energy Secretary Chu thinks about: China, and how can the U.S. beat the rising green power to lead the global green economy. These days, the Secretary is not mincing words, reminding anyone who’ll listen that failure is not an option. He’s blunt and says that  right now, void of any climate change law and paralyzed by the loud voices of climate change deniers, the U.S. is losing that race! At a press briefing last month, Chu told reporters that on China, “the U.S. should sit up and take notice.” He added: “The [Chinese] leadership increasingly sees economic opportunity in cleantech… Having missed the industrialized revolution and the semiconductor revolution, they do not want to miss this opportunity.”

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20 February '10
9:01 AM UTC
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This Week in Green Energy: China Green Comes to Texas

Will U.S. power consumers ever rely on Chinese green power for their electricity? This notion, that just a few years ago seemed far fetched, will likely become a reality.  On Tuesday, Chinese wind turbine maker A-Power Energy Generation Systems received Chinese regulatory approval to proceed with a 600 megawatts, $1.5 billion wind farm to be constructed in Texas. The greenlight by the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission is a crucial hurdle to pass and will allow the project developers to, among other things, start approaching banks for financing. Read More »

16 February '10
10:46 AM UTC
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GE Eyes $165M Investment in Oklahoma Wind Farm

CPV Renewable Energy Company has scored a $65 million equity investment from GE Energy Financial Services to support the construction of the $319 million, 152 megawatts Keenan II wind farm in Oklahoma. The project is scheduled for completion by year’s end and GE’s energy financing unit could invest an additional  $100 million in the project once it goes live. Read More »

12 February '10
4:05 PM UTC
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Wind Wars: To Protect Market Shares GE Sues Mitsubishi For Patent Infringement

GE CEO Jeff Immelt, protecting his turf

General Electric (GE), one of the world’s largest wind turbine makers, yesterday filed a new complaint in Dallas federal court against Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The complaint alleges that the Japanese industrial conglomerate infringed on two of its wind turbine patents.

The move follows a January 8th ruling   by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), which concluded that Mitsubishi had not violated five other GE wind turbine patents.

In this latest suit, which is not related to the ITC case,  what GE seems to be doing is using IP law to block Mitsubishi turbines from entering the US market. GE and Vestas of Denmark control a lion’s share of that market. See a copy of the complaint below the fold. Read More »

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