13 April '10
10:15 AM UTC
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Will The New Climate Bill Require Developers to “Buy American”?

A "buy American" provision in new climate legislation could backfire.

Will senators crafting a new climate bill attach a “buy American” restriction to projects backed by the U.S. government?

A Bloomberg article that possibility this morning as the fallout from the $1.5 billion Texas wind farm, which will use Chinese wind turbines and may get stimulus  dollars, continues. Read More »

7 April '10
9:58 AM UTC
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Schletter to Open Facility in Windsor, Ontario

Ontario wins again!

The CBC that Schletter Inc., which manufacures solar-panel mounting systems, announced today that it is opening an office in Windsor (which, incidentally, is south of Detroit). The move allows the German company to take advantage of Ontario’s feed-in tariff, which pays about 87 cents per kilowatt hour for solar power. Read More »

6 April '10
10:56 AM UTC
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Ontario: Green Energy Strategy Bearing Fruit

Enphase Energy’s plan to start manufacturing microinverters at a plant outside Toronto is being hailed as proof that Ontario’s Green Energy Act is working.

Paul Nahi, Enphase’s chief executive officer, said that the company’s decision to open its first manufacturing plant outside of China was driven by the laws that require locally produced equipment for use in wind and solar.

An editorial today in The Globe and Mail, a national Canadian paper, : Read More »

1 February '10
12:03 PM UTC
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Miliband Announces Feed-In Tariff Plan

Ed Miliband: Feed-in tariff plan not ambitious enough?

Ed Miliband, Britain’s energy and climate change secretary, has generous feed-in tariffs for small scale producers of renewable energy.

The tariffs, which are slated to begin in April, are meant to help the country achieve its goal of meeting 2 percent of electricity demand from small scale renewable installations by 2020. Read More »

13 November '09
7:55 AM UTC
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Demand for Solar Cells and Panels Set to Decline, Consultant Predicts

The solar industry is poised to experience a 17 percent drop in sales in 2009, despite the massive amount of public and private money supporting the sector.

Solar power companies are expected to sell about 4.6 gigawatts of solar cells and panels in 2009, compared with about 5.5 gigawatts in 2008, reports , citing estimates by Paula Mints, a principal analyst at Navigant Consulting. Mints says that it would be the first time the solar market experiences a drop in sales.

Germany is expected to account for 56 percent of these sales, taking market shares away from Spain, which experienced a decline after the government capped the country’s solar incentive program at 500 megawatts. Read More »

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