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The Week In Green Energy: Green’s Back But Still Under Attack

Obama is pushing for a  green agenda (again).

Following a series of symbolic votes by the newly reenergized Republican Party, including one to repeal the health care law, this week saw a GOP-led effort to roll back the Environmental Protection Agency’s ambitious green agenda. Three Republicans — Senator James Inhofe (R-Ok.), Representatives Fred Upton (D-Mich.) and Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.) released the latest legislation…

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The Alternative Agenda: State Of The Union; EPA Greenlights Higher Ethanol Blending Requirement; Jeff Immelt Gets The President’s Ear

Keep Pushing For Energy Reform, Greens Urge President Ahead of� State Of The Union Given last November’s conservative tilt, there’s no chance for comprehensive energy reform legislation will land on the President’s desk in the next two years. But that new reality shouldn’t intimidate President Obama from protecting the EPA�s stated goal to regulate Co2�and…

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EPA on Climate Bill: A “modest impact on consumers” A Huge Impact On The Climate

The EPA�s analysis of the American Power Act has concluded that it will have �a relatively modest impact on U.S. consumers.�

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Exclusive: Exelon CEO John Rowe Slams Cap and Trade Alternative

Exelon Corp. Chief Executive�John Rowe on Saturday slammed an alternative to cap-and-trade now being considered by Congress and said the EPA’s plan to regulate carbon emissions is a nonstarter. Rowe, who runs one of the country’s largest utilities, said the so-called cap and dividend plan would “not work” and would act as “a halfway house…

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This Week In Green Energy: Where�s The Money? �In Washington!

In the post-Lehman/global financial meltdown era it’s been repeatedly said that the money power has left Wall Street for the shores of the Potomac in Washington. This is not just a talking point, but a stark reality for whole industries — the renewable energy sector among them– which have come to rely on Washington for…

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