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American Superconductor to Provide Hardware for Tres Amigas Project


American Superconductor (NASDAQ: AMSC) announced today that it will the supply superconductor wire and cable to unite America’s three power grids and provide access to market for renewable energy resources, the company said today.

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Harry Reid introduces sweeping legislation supporting ‘green’ electricity grid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has  introduced legislation that will overhaul the national electricity grid by  establishing “renewable energy zones”  that would become priority areas to receive national funding for new transmission lines.The legislation  would bypass local regulators and allow the President to declare “renewable energy zones,” areas that have great potential to generate electricity…

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Senate confident it can meet Obama’s call for energy reform

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid outlined a three pronged strategy to pass President Obama’s call for sweeping energy legislation.Reid said, the Senate would likely move first on legislation that would include a renewable portfolio standard, energy conservation measures and other regulatory meassures. For more on that, see here. Reid said, he was confident this legislation…

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