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BrightSource CEO John Woolard: We “understand what it takes” to build major projects like Ivanpah

BrightSource Energy is close to winning approval for its Ivanpah project. CEO John Woolard talked to G.E.R. about the regulatory challenges.

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BrightSource Gets $1.37 bln DOE Loan Guarantee For Ivanpah Project, Whoa!

BrightSource Energy was offered a $1.37 billion loan guarantee from the Department of Energy on Monday, the largest such loan awarded by the DOE –see official press release here. The Oakland, Calif.-based company will use this crucial government backing to secure financing to support construction of its 440-megawatt Ivanpah Solar Power Complex, located in a…

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BrightSource Scales Back Solar Plant; Desert Tortoise Wins!

BrightSource Energy has proposed an alternative design for the 440-megawatt Ivanpah Solar Energy Generating System, that would reduce the project�s footprint and have less impact on the threatened tortoise.

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