17 March '10
2:39 PM UTC
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Energy Secretary Chu to the U.S. on China’s Green Leap: “Sit Up and Take Notice” [UPDATE]

These two want to lead the green race.

In a call with reporters today, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said that the U.S. needs a comprehensive energy and climate change law to beat China and lead the cleantech industry.

He said China’s emergence as a green superpower couldn’t be ignored.

“The U.S. should sit up and take notice,” Chu told reporters.

A climate change law would bring long-term certainty and “help U.S. [renewable energy] companies become more competitive,” he explained. It would also ensure that more capital flows into the sector. Read More »

9 March '10
2:34 PM UTC
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The US Is In Danger Of Losing The Clean Tech Race, Says Energy Secretary Chu

– By Mark Boslet, co-editor,

American prosperity is at stake, said Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

The United States risks losing the race to a clean-tech economy if it fails to get serious about global warming, Energy Department Secretary Steven Chu said Monday.

Taking five years or longer to pass energy legislation will limit the nation’s ability to be a leader in the green-energy technologies of tomorrow, Chu said during an address at Stanford University.

American prosperity is at stake, said Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

“I think we will lose (and) end up purchasing equipment from abroad,” he said. “The future prosperity of the United States is at risk.” Read More »

8 March '10
3:13 PM UTC
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Exclusive: SAGE Set To Raise $50M To Expand Production of Smart Windows

SAGE Electrochromics, a Minnesota energy efficiency technology company, says it expects to close on at least $50 million in new financing in the next three to four months. Talks with potential funders are ongoing, company Chief Executive Officer John Van Dine tells GER, declining to provide more details. Read More »

2 March '10
10:14 AM UTC
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Energy Secretary Steven Chu Announces $100M For “Innovative” Energy Research

Energy Secretary Steven Chu says the DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) will invest $100 million in stimulus money to support renewable energy projects. Read More »

27 February '10
9:35 AM UTC
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This Week In Green Energy: Where’s The Money? …In Washington!

For cleantech companies Washington has become a crucial financial partner.

In the post-Lehman/global financial meltdown era it’s been repeatedly said that the money power has left .

This is not just a talking point, but a stark reality for whole industries — the renewable energy sector among them– which have come to rely on Washington for their mid-to-long-term survival.

The government’s pivotal role as a funder of last and first resort was glaringly apparent this week with the announcement that BrightSource Energy was offered a $1.37 billion loan guarantee (if it meets certain conditions) from the Department of Energy. The BrightSource loan guarantee dwarfs the $535 million thin-film photovoltaic cell maker Solyndra got last year, which, until now, was the largest such loan guarantee. Read More »

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