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The Mega-Big Chinese Clean Tech Market, Talk About Opportunity!

Remember the Beijing Olympics? A little more than a year ago the question driving the media cycle in the months and days leading to the games was the city’s endemic pollution and whether authorities would ever be able to provide some crucial clean air to the athletes competing there. So, what did Chinese authorities do?…

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Optimism in short supply at VC funds

While the venture community has been cheered by President Barack Obama�s $825 billion green-themed stimulus package, overall the mood, amongst venture capitalists is gloomy. Case in point is the latest Silicon Valley Venture Capital Confidence Index, which hit an all time low of 2.77 in the fourth quarter. The index measures confidence on a scale…

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Clean tech start-ups continue to attract VC funding amidst slowdown

The New York Times Bits blog reports that in 2008 — despite the freeze in venture funding — clean-tech start-ups continued to attract a fair share of venture funding. Citing data from the National Venture Capital Association, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Thomson Reuters, Bits reports that VCs invested $4.1 billion into 277 clean-tech start-ups, 52 percent more…

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