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The Week Green Energy: China’s Green Shadow

The U.S. may have lead the IT revolution but it’s clear China is intent on leading the green revolution. The contrast between the two countries is stark when it comes to green energy. While Congress dithered over the passage of a renewable energy / climate change this spring and summer, China invested $11.5 billion in…

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This Week In Green Energy: Cap and What�?

It’s got to be cap-and-trade, anything else won’t work. That’s, in essence, what John Rowe, CEO of Chicago-based power company Exelon, told attendees of the MIT Energy Conference on Saturday in Boston. In a side interview with GER following his prepared remarks, Rowe said that he did not believe alternative proposals, including cap-and-dividend could work….

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The Big Chinese Stand

Here in Austin, the mood amongst delegates attending Renewable Energy World Conference, North America is upbeat. The financial crisis is now mostly in the rear-view mirror of developers, who have been enjoying the Obama administration’s stimulus funding. There are still some important issues hampering the industry, including access to cheap, long-term capital. Bankers are lending…

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