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NRG Suspends Offshore Development

NRG Energy, blaming  a lack of federal subsidies and regulatory uncertainty, has stopped development work supporting its offshore wind projects, including a 200-megawatt initiative in Delaware.

The Week In Green Energy: Ill Winds Blow Offshore

Last week a group of Republican and Democrat Senators introduced legislation that, if enacted, could provide the support America’s offshore wind industry needs to finally live up to its potential. The Offshore Wind Power Act, if signed into law, could provide developers Investment […]

The Alternative Agenda: Nissan Leaf Comes to America; Cape Wind looking for a Power Buyer; CES

Nissan Leaf Japanese automobile maker Nissan has begun the North American rollout of its Leaf electric vehicle (EV). Last week dealers in Seattle stocked their showrooms with the much-awaited car. Days before, dealerships in California, Oregon and Arizona also began delivering the Leaf […]

November Top 10 Players in Green Energy

1: Dan Reicher, Stanford University Dan Reicher: Leaving Google for Stanford What’s a top-notch energy thinker to do in a time when energy is a second-tier issue in Washington? Former Assistant Energy Secretary Dan Reicher is casting about for the answer to that […]

Mass. Regulator Approve Cape Wind, National Grid Power Purchase Agreement

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) has approved the 15-year power purchase agreement between National Grid and Cape Wind, following a five-month-long review. 

The Week in Green Energy: The Bankable Project

It’s a good news/bad news scenario right now for renewable project developers. Banks are finally funding projects, but accessing that cash is difficult. Banks are requiring a signed, long-term power purchase agreement with a large utility and a cash-rich, A-rated blue-chip backer. Fulfill […]

Exclusive: Mass. Regulators Close to Decision on Cape Wind PPA

Massachusetts regulators are expected to conclude their review of Cape Wind’s 15-year power purchase agreement with National Grid early next week, a Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) spokesman tells G.E.R.

The Week In Green Energy: iBanking Goes Sustainable

Morgan Stanley's iconic headquarter in New York The renewable energy and cleantech sector is ripe for a wave of consolidation and Wall Street banks don’t want to miss out on this potentially lucrative stream of green advisory fees. That’s why a growing number […]

Bank Talks for $1Bln Cape Wind Project to Start Next Month – UPDATE

Cape Wind says it plans to start discussions with banks to structure a debt and equity funding package supporting the construction of its $1 billion, 420 megawatts offshore wind farm next month.

May Top Ten Players In Green Energy

1: Tony Hayward, BP CEO As any coach of a professional sports team knows, when your bosses publicly declare their support for you, the end is nigh. So it is with BP head Tony Hayward, who, a spokesman has averred, “has the full […]