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BP Plans $1B Wind, Biofuel Investments For 2011


BP plans to invest $1 billion in 2011 in its renewable energy business, roughly the same amount it invested last year. During the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call, BP CEO Bob Dudley said that a bulk of the company’s green Capex would largely support biofuel and wind projects.

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BP Close to Securing Financing for 250 MW Wind Farm

BP’s� wind power unit is close to securing debt financing supporting the construction of its� Cedar Creek II wind farm in Weld county Colorado.

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BP’s Hayward: “There Are No Silver Bullets”

In a speech that repeatedly evoked Churchill, BP’s Tony Hayward argued for a middle road in energy policy.

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BP�s Tony Hayward Still Bullish on Renewables, Despite Evidence to the Contrary

Is BP’s Tony Hayward trying to hold onto his enviro-cred while becoming an increasingly marginal player in renewables?

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BP Cuts Expenses at Renewable Energy Unit by $4 bln [UPDATE] [CORRECTION 02.04.10]

CORRECTION | 02.04.10: Over the past three years BP cut costs by $4 billion in cash at corporate level. The 7,500 job cuts impacted all of BP’s business units, not just BP Alternative Energy, as we inaccurately reported. Update: We have been listening to a replay of�the BP fourth quarter earnings call. Chief Executive Hayward…

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