20 October '10
9:36 AM UTC
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Enel Green Power Launches Long-Awaited IPO

Italy’s Enel Green Power launched its long-awaited initial Public Offering (IPO) earlier this week, pricing the shares on the low-end of the price- range, between €1.80 and €2.10 per share ($2.49 – $2.96).

The IPO values the company at between €9.0 billion and €10.5 billion. Read More »

15 June '10
10:08 AM UTC
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Who are the American owners of BP?

Americans have almost as great an ownership stake in BP as Brits

BP’s management has been under intense pressure since the Gulf oil spill began in April, but the shareholders will be the ones picking up the tab for the tens of billions in damages and cleanup costs. British owners hold 40 percent of the shares of the company formerly called British Petroleum, but .

Just who are those American owners?

NYTimes’ , with asset management firm BlackRock at the top as the company’s single largest shareholder with the equivalent of 1 billion shares. But The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is on the list too. Read More »

25 May '10
12:51 PM UTC
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BofA’s Lu Yeung Top Alternative Energy Analyst In WSJ Ranking

Lu Yeung, a Hong Kong-based analyst covering solar power companies at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, made two crucial calls last year that helped him land the top spot  as the best equity analyst covering alternative energy stocks in the Wall Street Journal’s latest ranking, out today.

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