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BP to Chamber: Were Staying

In a speech at the Oil & Money Conference in London, BP CEO Tony Hayward urged for a strong private/government partnership to implement a comprehensive cap-and-trade system.  That’s a polar opposite stance to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s own anti cap-and-trade position. On […]

Apple the Latest to Bail on U.S. Chamber

Apple quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce today over the group’s position on climate change policy. Catherine A. Novelli, Apple’s vice president for worldwide governmental affairs, writes to Chamber President Tom Donohue: We would prefer the the Chamber take a more progressive stand […]

Tony Fadell: Godfather of the iPod Turning to Cleantech

Another high-powered techie has turned to the green side. Tony Fadell, “The Godfather of the iPod,” is leaving Apple to work with consumer greentech companies, The New York Times reports. 

A123 Update: From R&D to Industry

This morning, GER spoke to Sam Jaffe, a senior research analyst with IDC’s Energy Insights, on the A123 Systems IPO. Jaffe, who is based in Boulder, Colo., says that since its 2001 launch, A123 “…has turned from a ‘gee-whiz’ company into a manufacturer. […]