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Kerry Proposes Green Energy Legislation, Leaves out the Carbon Pricing

Sen. John Kerry is taking another whack at the pinata and has introduced a bill to spur clean energy production with tax incentives.

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Chinese PV Maker Gets U.S. Tax Credit for First U.S. Plant

The U.S. subsidiary of Chinese solar power company Yingli Green Energy has received a tax credit of $4.5 million from the Treasury Department, as part of its Recovery Act Advanced Manufacturing Tax Credit program — for more on that, see here. The company says it will use this fiscal incentive to finance construction of its first U.S. manufacturing plant.

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President Obama Unveils New Renewable Energy Funding Program [Video]

On Friday, President Barack Obama announced the recipients of the �$2.3 billion Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credits program to boost renewable energy manufacturing. The tax credits will directly be funded via�the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. See here for a complete list of projects and go below the fold to watch President Obama’s…

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