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GE�s Energy Infrastructure Profits up 17 Percent for Q2

The industrial giant’s overall profitability took a nosedive in the second quarter but energy infrastructure profits increased 17 percent over Q2 2008 to $1.79 billion, despite a small dip in revenues.

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Energy Discovery – Inovation Institutes

There is a lot of talk� these days about energy and its role as the cornerstone of� a new green-focused economic model. The first step in that direction is the stimulus package, that just cleared the Senate. The question now, is how do we make energy innovation a sustainable� process that goes beyond a one-time…

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Tax Reforms Needed to Restart Green Energy Project Finance

To kick start the financing of green energy initiatives, first reform the tax structures that incentivize these developments, so say a growing number of industry specialists in The New York Times‘ Green Inc. blog this morning. According to these specialists, what’s needed is a tax equity that is refundable, instead of one that is pegged…

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