Scottish and Southern�s Renewable Energy Sub. To Develop 400 MW of Wave & Tidal-Powered Projects

by Terrence Murray - March 16, 2010

Scotland: The Saudi Arabia of tidal and wave power!

SSE Renewables, the renewable energy unit of Scottish and Southern Energy, was awarded exclusive rights to develop up to�400 megawatts of wave and tidal-powered electricity in and around the Scottish coast as part of a massive tender administered by the Crown Estate.

The Crown Estate also awarded leases to Iberdrola of Spain, the�U.K. unit of ScottishPower, and�Germany�s E.ON.

SSE Renewable does not expect to begin constructing the projects until at least 2015, the company said in a statement released this morning.

Partnering on the SSE Renewables projects are Aquamarine Power, an Edinburgh-based developer of wave-powered electric generation technology and OpenHydro,�a manufacturer and installer of tidal energy systems based in Dublin.

The four sites, all located in Scotland,�are Costa Head (wave-powered project); Westray South (tidal stream-powered project); Brough Head (wave-powered project, to be developed in partnership with Aquamarine); and Cantick Head (tidal stream-powered project, to be developed in partnership with OpenHydro).

The Crown Estate and seeks to develop 1.2 gigawatts of marine energy off the coast of Scotland, according .

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