Windsor the Capital of Rooftop Solar: Atlas Tube Announces 3.5 MW Installation

Windsor, Ontario, is fast becoming the capital of large-scale rooftop solar installations.  to build a $20 million, 3.5-megawatt photovoltaic solar installation atop its roof, according to The Windsor Star. It will be the largest rooftop solar PV installation in North America, outpacing installations in New Jersey and Utah.

Atlas Tube, a manufacturer of hollow structural tubing, will meet 30 percent of its annual energy needs from the installation. The first 500 KW will go up in the spring and the installation will eventually cover 650,000 square feet. The project will not only offset power costs at the Atlas Tube plant but also serve as a showpiece for their products — a win, win.

Atlas Tube also announced an alliance with OYA Solar’s sister company Polar Racking, to produce rooftop racking systems.

Ontario’s solar industry is reaching critical mass, helped by Ontario’s generous Green Energy Act, which guarantees a feed-in tariff but has a local content rule that’s bringing plants to the province. Companies have announce 1,000 MW of solar module capacity so far.

In the spring, German company Schletter, Inc., which builds solar mounting systems, announced that it was opening a 25,000-square-foot plant to make fixed aluminum rooftop units and industrial installations.

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