Exclusive: Google Eyes Development of CSP Solar Project — UPDATE

by Terrence Murray - December 14, 2010

Google has is reportedly secured land considering developing a solar power demonstration project in Southern California.

Google, the Mountain View, Calif. search engine company with renewable energy ambitions, is considering developing a one megawatt concentrated solar power demonstration (CSP) project, possibly in and around Lancaster, Calif. has secured some acreage in an industry source tells G.E.R.

The facility is scheduled to go live next year. A Google spokesperson declined to comment.

One advantage of CSP systems is that they can be developed into hybrid solar /natural gas power generation systems or “Integrated Solar Combined Cycle” systems.

The project further confirms Google’s stated strategy to boost its in-house green R&D effort. At an industry conference about a year ago, Google’s “Green Energy Czar” Bill Weihl said the company, besides continuing to invest in cleantech startups, would alsodevelop its own renewable energy technology. As we reported, Google recently hired Doctor Philip Gleckman to help develop in- house solar technology.

The article was revised after a Google spokesman sent us this email:

“We have not purchased any land in Lancaster, so please do make that correction. Beyond that, I’m not going to be able to comment any further.”

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