eSolar Inks First Big CSP Deal in China

eSolar and Chinese-owned Penglai Electric announced over the weekend a licensing agreement to build 2 gigawatts of solar thermal power plants in China over 10 years. (Hat tip: earth2tech)

The project will be China’s largest concentrated solar power (CSP) installation, with installation of the first 92 megawatts slated for 2010.

The eSolar project should be complete by 2021 and will be co-located with biomass electricity generation facilities, according to the release. It will be located in the 170-square-kilometer Yulin Alterrnative Energy Park and owned by China Shaanxi Yulin Huayang New Energy Co.

eSolar’s technology uses mirrors to direct sunlight and turn liquid to steam, which drives turbines.

China is a leader in photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing but has not done much in the CSP arena until now, the release notes.

The Google-backed company has been going gangbusters in recent months, providing the technology for NRG Energy’s Alpine SunTower near Los Angeles, among several other deals. It also got a new CEO, John Van Scoter, last month.

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