BrightSource Eyeing International Expansion

by Terrence Murray - October 14, 2010

BrightSource Energy, the Chevron-backed solar thermal developer, is eager to enter sun-drenched foreign markets, like Australia and South Africa.

It’s been a pivotal couple of weeks for BrightSource, which this month got its landmark 392 megawatts, Ivanpah solar power projects approved by both the California Energy Commission and at the federal level by the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

On BrightSource’s international expansion CEO John Woolard it was looking for markets with lots of sun and investor-friendly regulations, including easy access to the grid. “We look for sun and policy and decent access to transmission,” Woolard told Reuters. He adds:� “We think of Australia as having a good coincidence of good radiation, good policy.”

On Ivanpah, Woolard said it would start construction on the $1.7 billion facility next year, on time for the facility to begin operating in 2012. “Next year is really a lot about execution,” Woolard said.

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