Ontario to establish North America’s first advanced feed-in tariffs system

A few weeks after out with an ambitious package of green energy legislation that could create as much as 50,000 new jobs, Ontario has announced that the Ontario Power Authority () will establish an ambitious system of .

The tariffs would include a host of cleantech solutions, which would produce clean electricity that according to the feed-in tariffs system, utilities would pay a premium for.

Ontario's Energy Supply Mix

Applications covered by the OPA feed-in tariffs include: solar and wind generation as well as hydro, landfill gas, biogas and biomass.

The tariffs are parallel to the ones in place in Germany, France, Spain and other European countries. If implemented they would be the highest in North America, which is likely to encourage developers to set up shop in the province.

One reason the Ontario feed-in tariffs are high is that there are no federal or provincial subsidies supporting  renewable electricity generation.

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