The Alternative Agenda: Duke buys progress, military buys American, GE buys wind

by mpabst - January 10, 2011

Duke Energy to acquire Progress Energy for $47.48 a share

Duke, the Charlotte-based energy powerhouse, of Raleigh. Progress is not known for its green energy ventures but Duke certainly is � the deal could be good for the growth of renewables.

American military must buy homegrown solar

will force the Pentagon, one of the largest single potential consumers of energy products, to purchase solar panels from American companies. China will not be happy.

Alaskan pipeline leak forces oil prices up

Oil prices had halted their skyward momentum but the leak in the Trans-Alaska Pipeline system has pushed .

GE Financial Services buys 50 percent of the Alta Wind I farm in California

The terms of the deal with weren�t disclosed. The deal marks the first time GE, which supplied he turbines for the deal, has used a lease back option for a wind farm. For more on Terra-Gen�s fundraising prowess, see here (story to follow).

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