“The Yes Men” Pull Sophisticated Prank on Enviro-Slacker Canada

by mattwvd - December 14, 2009

Just when it seems that their shtick might become tiring, “The Yes Men� have pulled their most sophisticated and media-savvy trick yet, complete with a fake unmasking and�faux outrage.

The political pranksters announced that Canada would set greenhouse gas emissions targets at 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2020 and initially commit 1 percent of the country�s GDP to help developing countries deal with climate change.

The new target was announced on a fake for Canada�s Environment Minister Jim Prentice that led to a press release on a .

�Prentice� is quoted in the press release:

Canada is taking the long view on the world economy. Nobody benefits from a world in peril. Contributing to the development of other nations and taking full responsibilities for our emissions is simple Canadian good sense. We want to show the world that Canada is a leader on climate change.

A fake Wall Street Journal Europe popped up on the fake announcement with a fake condemnation of the plan from the very real Canadian Council of Chief Executives.

Then the hall of mirrors got really disorienting.

The same fake Environment Canada Web site then and noted that the Ugandan delegation got their hopes up over the fake goals. It linked to a fake press conference from the Ugandan delegation.

Canada, which has a conservative prime minister from Alberta, home of the tar sands, has a bad rap at Copenhagen for not committing to serious reduction targets or aid for developing countries.

The Globe and Mail emailed the real Prime Minister�s office (since you obviously can�t trust official looking statements on Web sites) and from an unimpressed spokesman.

More time should be dedicated to playing a constructive role instead of childish pranks

We should note the Yes Men have not been confirmed as the perpetrators but they�re the only group with the will and the sophistication to pull off such a stunt. Group members have recently posed as officials from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to announce support for strict new curbs on carbon emissions.

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