The Alternative Agenda: What to Look For This Week in Green Energy

This is a different Robert Dudley than the one who could soon helm BP

Tony, Tony, Tony has done it again

BP chief executive Tony Hayward this weekend, a move that is just… wow! (Possible movie: Black Gulf, Wight Isle). Hayward is being moved to the periphery faster than expected and he could soon be gone if some pension funds, , have their way.

Who will succeed him? and maybe the company.

Oh, and oil is still gushing from the Gulf well and BP is having trouble keeping its collection system online because of the weather.

IPO, Interrupted Part II: The Fallout

by 10 percent in Shenzen, China on Friday, after the company announced earlier in the week that it would not pursue a $1.2 billion initial public offering in Hong Kong.

Bloomberg blames overcapacity in wind turbine manufacturing, but Earth2Tech’s Katie Fehrenbacher We’ll be monitoring the hype on Tesla’s IPO, which happens on June 29.

Spain Susses Slashing Solar Subsidies

The Spanish government could make a decision this week on Existing solar panel plants’ would see subsidies cut by 30 percent and future ones would see 25-45 percent cuts depending on the size of the units.

The cuts would likely be introduced before October.

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    We here at Tesla Solar are glad that BP was able to put a stop to this fatal accident that is effecting all species of life on the planet. We all have made mistakes in life some greater than others however, it is how we respond to our mistakes that define our character. We wish you the best of luck on a speedy recovery as you resolve the situation. Tesla Solar would like you to keep the whole world and all future generation’s in mind when choosing the most effective resolution to this world disaster.

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