Obama Finally Throwing His Weight Behind the American Power Act?

by mpabst - May 26, 2010

Sen. John Kerry’s press people have been pushing the message that President Obama is�finally getting serious about the American Power Act.� Today, we saw definitive proof at a campaign event for Sen. Barbara Boxer in San Francisco. Obama invoked the Gulf oil spill again to argue for immediate action on the bill.

Obama’s comments at the fundraiser follow after the jump.

We�ve also still got this overarching issue, even if you hadn�t seen the catastrophe down in the Gulf, the reason that folks are now having to go down a mile deep into the ocean, and then another mile drilling into the ground below that is because the easy oilfields and oil wells are gone, or they’re starting to diminish�That tells us that we�ve got to have a long-term energy strategy in this country. And we�ve got to start cultivating solar and wind and biodiesel.� And we�ve got to increase energy efficiency across our economy in our buildings and our automobiles.�

And we�ve got to stop subsidizing those industries that are not going to lead us to the future.� Now — so I said to the Republicans, join with me.� There�s been some good work done by John Kerry and Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham.� Let�s go.� Let�s not wait.� Let�s show the American people that in the midst of this crisis, all of us are opening our eyes to what�s necessary to fulfill the promise to our children and our grandchildren.

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  1. Rojelio says:

    That’s actually a pretty significant statement from Obama. We can only hope that our leaders are finally getting a clue about the tsunami of a problem that we’re facing with peak oil and resource depletion in general.

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