Google Makes Strong Showing At Cancun Climate Change Talks [Video]

by Terrence Murray - December 2, 2010

Google has sent a 30-strong team to Cancun where the United Nations Climate Change Conference is being held until next week.

A company spokesman, who’s also made the trip to the Mexican seaside resort, says a large part of the delegation is comprised of logistic pros, there to support some of the home-grown technology the company plans to demonstrate in Cancun.

One such program is Liquid Galaxy, a modified and more immersive version of� Google Earth– see video below. Liquid Galaxy is Google engineer Jason Holt’s .

Since its�2007 launch, Google’s ‘green” effort, called RE <C (renewable energy less than coal),� has become incrementally embissious, as it’s evolved from a “do-gooder” initiative into a more bottom-line driven business that now also includes the development of clean technologies as well as purchasing renewable power and even financing� wind projects.

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