EPA on Climate Bill: A “modest impact on consumers” A Huge Impact On The Climate

by mpabst - June 15, 2010

The has concluded that it will have �a relatively modest impact on U.S. consumers� and cost households about $79 to $146 per year. The cost estimates do not account for the benefits of avoiding climate change � which will be substantial.

The study puts the probability of temperature changes remaining below 2 degrees Celsius by 2100 at 75 percent under the act, authored by Sen. John Kerry and Joseph Lieberman, and G8 international agreements.

Without the act (the �reference scenario), the probability of temperature change exceeding 4 degrees Celsius is 32 percent.

Time�s Ecocentric blog notes that predicted that the legislation will create 440,000 jobs a year through 2020 and save consumers $35 annually on their power bills. (The ClimateWorks study is ).

The Hill’s E2 Wire Blog said . That’s not likely.

Climate legislation is not going to pass because it�s supported by science. Emotion will carry the day and, luckily, the BP spill is providing the necessary push to legislators right now.

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